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Ace Combat 6: Fires Of Liberation

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation[a] is a 2007 arcade-style combat flight simulation video game developed by Project Aces and published by Namco Bandai Games exclusively for the Xbox 360. It is the seventh entry in the Ace Combat franchise, the first game in the franchise to not see a release on a PlayStation platform as had been done with previous titles, and the first game in the franchise to include downloadable content. Like other Ace Combat games, Ace Combat 6 features standard gameplay from the series that mixes arcade flight with authentic flight simulation.

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

As with other games in the series, Ace Combat 6 places players in the role of a fighter pilot, tasked with destroying foes both in the air and on the ground. The game's main controls are simplified as part of the series' design as an arcade flight game, with players given access to not only a wide variety of licensed fighter jets, but also access to a variety of weapons; alongside autocannons and missiles, planes can be equipped with one of several special weapons for use in engagements, including radar-guided missiles, bombs, and rocket launchers, amongst others. While the player can lock on to foes and switch between targets (dependent on weapon being used), the in-game HUD provides feedback on ammo amounts, damage to the craft, speed and altitude, offers a radar that can be tuned to different zoom levels or display a full map of the combat zone, and provide information on the amount of time left during a playthrough, and the player's current score.

We know you're not happy unless you're going Mach II with your hair on fire. Climb into the cockpits of the world's most impressive fighters and get ready to prove to the world you're the best of the best! Photo-realistic planes and combat zones drop you straight into the heat of the action as you scramble to defend your home. Command your allies in the air, on the ground, and in the water to help you hold the lines and press forward into enemy territory. Battle on up to six fronts at once as battles unfold in real time. Then, fly online as you compete against pilots from all over the world in massive, head-to-head dogfights!

In ACE COMBAT 6: FIRES OF LIBERATION for the Xbox 360, players climb into the cockpit of authentically detailed modern aircrafts -- such as the F-15 E Strike Eagle, the F-22 Raptor, and the Tornado -- as well as give commands to allied fleets, including aerial, naval, and ground combat units. While dog-fighting enemies over ocean water or taking out ground targets in a huge city, the action keeps you glued to the screen for \"just one more\" mission.

What do you do for an encore after selling 10 million copies of intense aerial combat action games? If you're Namco Bandai, the creators and publishers of the Ace Combat series, you make it bigger, better, and even more photorealistic than its predecessors. And then add a multiplayer component so you can play against friends online.

If you concentrate more on your missions and less on the corny story, characters, and dialogue, players will get a lot out of the 20-hour single-player campaign (and if you're good enough, you'll unlock a very hard mode by completing the game). Serious aerial combat fans can get even more out of the game by picking up the optional Ace Combat 6 bundle ($149.99), which includes the game, a durable flight stick and throttle controller, and an Xbox 360 faceplate to decorate your console.

Families can talk about why these types of modern war games are popular. How does a game about aerial combat set in the current time frame compare to one set in World War II? Does the United States' presence in Iraq affect how you react to this game? 041b061a72


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