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The Gunfighter | A Short Film By Eric Kissack (narrated By Nick Offerman) __LINK__

Parks and Rec star Nick Offerman narrates this hilarious western genre short film called The Gunfighter. The narrator plays a huge part in this story, not only can the audience hear what he's saying, but so can the characters in the film. The narrator begins to talk about the gunfighter's inner thoughts and feelings as he enters a saloon full of people for a drink. The only thing the gunfighter can do is deny everything as it all unfolds. The short was directed by Eric Kissack from a script written by Kevin Tenglin, and it's amusingly vulgar and inappropriate. Enjoy the show! Mark Hamill and His Return of the J...Please enable JavaScript

The Gunfighter | A Short Film by Eric Kissack (narrated by Nick Offerman)


Just another period western meta comedy short film.Featuring the mellifluous voice of Nick Offerman.I hope you enjoy it!Go to for news about screenings in your area!Directed by Eric Kissack ( )Written by Kevin Tenglin ( )Produced by Sarah PlattShot by Jon Aguirresarobe ( )StarringNick OffermanShawn ParsonsScott BeehnerEileen O'ConnellTimothy BrennenJordan BlackBrace HarrisCircus SzalewskiTravis Lincoln CoxSchoen HodgesChet NelsonKeith Biondi 041b061a72

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