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Where To Buy Sly Fox Beer [BETTER]

With a loyal local customer base and both beer and food which attract visitors from all along the Eastern seaboard, Sly Fox looks to the future with the same confidence and vigor which marked its earliest days. The family business has expanded that family to include customers, friends, employees, and suppliers and made itself a vital part of the growing western Philadelphia suburbs.

where to buy sly fox beer


With a nod to the past and an eye on the future, Sly Fox has been a craft beer innovator since its beginnings in the mid-90s. A critically-acclaimed year-round lineup and highly anticipated seasonal selections are available at multiple Sly Fox pub locations across Pennsylvania and on shelves and taps in a growing number of states.

Sly Fox Brewery is a Pennsylvania brewery. The original Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery was founded by the Giannopoulos family at its original Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, location on December 20, 1995. The name of the establishment came out of a family meeting from the tradition of fox hunting in the Chester County area, where the first Sly Fox location resides.

Started in Royersford in October 2005 but moved to Phoenixville in June 2006, a fresh firkin of a different cask conditioned Sly Fox beer is tapped on the bar on the third Friday of each month and poured until it runs out.

An all-day event held annually in Pottstown, typically on the first Sunday in May, the Bock Beer Festival and Goat Race celebrates Bock-style beers and a traditional German menu. Originally the brain child of brewers David Sutula and Brian O'Reilly and launched in 1997 at the John Harvard's Brew House in Cleveland, Ohio. O'Reilly brought the idea with him to Sly Fox in 2002 after the Cleveland brewery closed. The event is held inside the pub and on the outside patio and parking area.

The 2005 event was greeted by sunshine, clear skies and spring temperatures, after a number of weeks where the area saw inclement weather. The good weather brought out an unexpected, record crowd of 1,000-plus people, a record 24 goats in the race, and the pub poured 13 barrels (403 gallons) of beer, putting a strain on the staff, supply of glasses, and restroom facilities. After learning some lessons in 2005, the festival in 2006 was greeted again by bright, warm sunshine and went smoother despite seeing nearly double the crowd from the previous year.[1]

At the 2014 event, a close finish and an officiating mistake resulted the wrong goat being declared winner. Immediately after the race, entrant "Spartacus" was announced as the winner, and the 2014 Maibock was named "Spartacus" in his honor.[3] Post-race video review revealed that the final was actually won by non-profit animal rescue Recycled Tails' entrant "Jixxer". Sly Fox released a statement apologizing for the error and announcing a special event and a beer named after Jixxer as restitution. [2]

Started in 2004 as a year-long celebration of brewery's ninth year in business, Sly Fox created a series of eight varietal IPAs, each brewed with a single hop. All eight of the hops were used to brew Odyssey, Sly Fox's first Imperial IPA. The event culminated in an all-day festival at the Phoenixville location in December where the brewery's flagship Rt. 113 IPA, all eight varietal IPAs, and Odyssey were all available on tap.

I am an award-winning freelance writer specializing in beer, alcohol, adventure, and travel. In a prior life, I managed several successful restaurants and worked in the alcohol industry for almost a decade. A digital nomad, I have spent the last several years on the road covering both local and national issues both here in the United States and abroad. I have been published in numerous national publications and have written and or contributed to four books. Find out more at my website

The concept is simple: get yourself to the top of a mountain and race to the bottom time-trial style. In general, modern enduro races involve anywhere from 3-6 timed stages. The timed portions of the race are mostly downhill but can vary in steepness, length, and difficulty depending on location.

A large beer cooler takes up a good portion of the remainder of the building. After building tenants Pro Tool Industries move within the next few weeks to a new location in the industrial park, the cooler will be expanded further, according to Peter Giannopoulos.

An empty adjacent lot is earmarked for the planned expansion. Until then, Sly Fox plans to utilize the land for outdoor events, such as Octoberfest. Sly Fox is well-known for off-beat, beer-centered events including its Bock Fest & Goat Race held the first Sunday of May at its Phoenixville location on Route 113.

Helles Golden Lager will be available in cans and on draft year round, along with Sly Fox beers Pikeland Pils, Phoenix Pale Ale and Rt. 113 IPA. Sly Fox seasonal canned and draft beers include Christmas Ale, Dunkel Lager, Odyssey Imperial IPA, Oktoberfest Lager and Royal Weisse. The brewery also offers four Belgian style beers in 750ml bottles: Black Raspberry Reserve, Ichor (quadruple), Incubus (tripel) and Saison Vos.

Thankfully, Ohst was still able to brew great beer in 2020 and now has even more surprises in store for 2021. Heady Times sat down with Ohst to learn how he got started in brewing and what new beers Sly Fox has on the docket for their twenty-sixth year in the biz.

Company Email:"We use Isinglass, but only for our cask conditioned beers. All our normal draught and packaged beers are not made with Isinglass.Almost all beer is filtered with Diatomaceous earth."

York City is home to 5 independent, craft breweries all within a 1-square mile radius making it one of the greatest concentrations of breweries anywhere in the country! Join our knowledgeable and expe...

In celebration of the opening, several new beers will debut over the coming of weeks, including Nihilist Russian Imperial Stout on draft and in cans, a barrel-aged version of the Nihilist RIS aged in Manatawny Still Works whiskey barrels, and Black Lager, a collaborative brew with Stoudts Brewing of nearby Adamstown.

In this Monday, June 3, 2013 photo, cans of Helles Golden Lager with a 360 Lid are displayed at the Sly Fox Brewing Company, in Pottstown, Pa. Brewers and consumers debate using bottles or cans, innovation of the age-old staple continues as breweries seek to differentiate themselves on expanding beer shelves. Budweiser is selling a bowtie-shaped can that mirrors its iconic logo, Miller Lite is sold in a punch-top can, Sam Adams Boston Lager comes in cans designed to improve taste and now Sly Fox Brewing Co. is selling beer in "topless" cans with a peel-back lid that essentially turns it into a glass. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Krueger's Cream Ale and its punch-top can became an instant hit, propelling the humble beer can to iconic status. That is, until Americans returned to bottles and the beloved craft brews they contained, a cultural turn that left canned beer looking decidedly low-brow.

Today, Budweiser sells a bow tie-shaped can that mirrors its iconic logo, Miller Lite sports a punch-top can, drinkers know their Coors Light is cold when the mountains on the can turn blue, Sam Adams Boston Lager comes in cans designed to improve the taste, and now Sly Fox Brewing Co. sells beer in "topless" cans designed to turn into cups when opened.

Both craft brewers and craft beer drinkers are coming around to the idea of cans. More affordable supplies and canning equipment also are helping the boom. In 2002, just one craft brewery was using cans. Now around 300 different breweries offer close to 1,000 beers in cans, according to, a site that tracks the canned beer revolution.

"Craft beer in cans is becoming more mainstream each and every day," says Brian Thiel, regional sales manager with packaging firm Crown Holdings. "The stigma that has existed continues to get lifted."

Admittedly, it's "not going to make the angels sing when you drink it," says Koch, who is allowing other craft breweries to use the redesigned can. "But my experience with Sam Adams since I started it in my kitchen is that slight but noticeable improvements constantly and repeated over 30 years makes a great beer."

"There have been a lot of different mini-innovations ... but never that important to craft beer," said Sly Fox brewmaster Brian O'Reilly. "(The new can) is different and interesting to people, but there's a real benefit because you can smell the beer ... it really allows you to appreciate the full character of the beer."

Sam Adams' Koch agrees: "If it doesn't make the beer taste better, then don't do it just to get noticed," he said. "The customer will reward you with more of their business if you give them a better tasting product than their alternatives."

Going to a game isn't cheap, especially if you're going to get a few beers. ranked the NFL stadiums and found that the Eagles have the most expensive beers on average at $14.67 for a 16-ounce drink. The least expensive is a three-way tie between the Lions, Falcons and Jets at $6.25 for a 16-ounce drink. 041b061a72


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