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Wheeler Dealers All Episodes Dow [2021]

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection will have to be completed by a licensed Nevada Off-HighwayVehicle dealer or a sworn law enforcement officer. Note: the DMV does not perform VIN inspections and all registration is by mail. If your vehicle has never been registered or titled in Nevada Click here to see a list of licensed dealers.

Wheeler Dealers All Episodes Dow


Nevada's program to register and title off-highway vehicles went into effect July 1, 2012. Nearly all off-highway vehicles greater than 70cc, and 1976 or newer, must be registered and display a registration decal to operate legally in Nevada. The cost for an annual registration is $20.00. Applications are accepted and decals are issued by mail only. Additionally, OHV dealers must be specifically licensed to sell off-highway vehicles.

I show you how to scan the computer to check the hybrid battery and we got a P0A80 code which means replace hybrid EV battery. I also show you how to clean the hybrid battery fan to keep the battery cool. To remove a Toyota Prius hybrid battery you remove a few interior trim pieces, unbolt the hybrid battery, swap out battery cells, and reinstall. While I did fix a Prius, you can apply the same process to many other hybrids like Honda, Chevy, Nissan, Ford, and Lexus. So whether you are Prius to fix and flip for a quick profit wheeler dealer style, or you want to fix your hybrid so you can continue to use it, here is the in-depth video on how to replace a hybrid battery safely and easily.

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