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Godfather 2 Game Pc Torrent Download [UPDATED]

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godfather 2 game pc torrent download

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Description:This mod for The Godfather (2006) PC fixes the game and makes it playable again on modern software and hardware. Includes launch fix which makes the game playable on Windows 10 PC (no more crashing upon launch). Also includes a widescreen fix to make the game the correct aspect ratio and not stretched out. And includes updated controller setup in readme file that allows you to play the game with a wired Xbox 360 controller instead of mouse and keyboard.**Version 2.0: Xbox One and PS4 Controller Support added by Greavesy**Installation:Step 0. You can't buy The Godfather on PC digitally now so only way is to buy PC disc version or torrent. If you download the game then you need to replace EXE with the EXE crack to run the game. I have included a working exe in the "SilentPatch" folder.Step 1. Install Silent Patch or else game will crash upon launch on PCBonus: You can skip the EA Paramount intro every time you launch the game by going to "scripts" folder and open SilentPatchGF.ini with notepad and change the following: "SkipIntroMovies=0" to "SkipIntroMovies=1"Step 2. Install The Godfather Widescreen Fix by ThirteenAGController Setup:1. Click "Start, and in the search window type "Device Manager".2. Right click on "Xbox 360 Controller for Windows" > properties > Details > Hardware IdsRemember your value, mine is VID_045E&PID_028E (every controller has different value)3. Go to start, and open regedit.exe. and go to:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaProperties\PrivateProperties\Joystick\OEM\VID_045E&PID_028E 350c69d7ab


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