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Crocodile 2 Movie Download In Mp4 PORTABLE

Why do we watch movies??? To be entertained. This is a bad movie but I had a blast watching it. A movie can have bad acting,effects,story and more but if it keeps my attention, it works!!! If you aren't looking for the next Academy Award winner and just like to be entertained, this movie will do the job. If you are someone who's just into art and good acting, stay away!!! This is for beer drinking movie night!!!!

Crocodile 2 movie download in mp4

I give this movie a '7 out of 10' on a 'B' movie scale. It was more entertaining than I expected and contained some twists and turns to the story that kept me watching it without getting bored. There is a good balance between action and character development as well. The special effects are as good as they come for this kind of movie but you won't be so concerned about that because the setting and story will keep you entertained. Acting is good with the main female character doing a great job. The bad guys are also pretty convincing with focus on mainly just two of them. Strangely, I would say this movie is as much about humans as it is about the crocodile.

A mildly enjoyable B-movie sequel with a lot of high drama and tension ladled in throughout. The story is about a group of violent robbers whose escape plane crashlands in a Mexican swamp, at which point they're picked off one by one by a giant crocodile. It's as violent as you'd expect, but also quite well shot and certainly larger than life complete with a Samuel L. Jackson impersonator and KARATE KID villain Martin Kove as the pro hunter. Not the worst and of a higher quality than a lot of SyFy Channel and Asylum fare.

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Parents need to know that Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is a live-action, family-friendly musical based on the beloved 1965 picture book. As in the book, the story centers around the Primm family, who discover that they have a crocodile in their New York City townhouse. This version of Lyle (who's voiced by Shawn Mendes) sings like a pop performer -- but only in front of loved ones, never an audience. The main antagonist is the Primms' downstairs neighbor -- the spot-on-named Mr. Grumps (Brett Gelman) -- who would love nothing more than to get the entire family evicted. Expect a bit of peril: Animal control shoots a tranquilizer gun to sedate Lyle, and, in a moment of humor, he accidentally swallows a cat whole. There's also a lot of slapstick, like when Lyle and Mr. Primm wrestle or a sequence in which two characters are pursued through New York City streets. There are a couple of fart jokes, and two different characters are caught taking a bath or shower, startling other characters. The story depicts a middle schooler who deals with anxiety, and a blended family that's really close. Younger kids will get a kick out of Lyle's little adventures, fans of Mendes' music will enjoy the original songs, and parents will appreciate the messages about teamwork, courage, and honesty.

Live-action musical LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE starts off with eccentric magician/performer Hector P. Valenti (Javier Bardem) selecting singing baby crocodile Lyle (voiced by Shawn Mendes) at an exotic New York City pet store. Despite practicing for weeks to put on a song-and-dance show, Lyle freezes in front of an audience, forcing Hector to go on the road and leave Lyle behind in their Upper East Side townhouse's attic. Soon, the Primm family -- teacher dad (Scoot McNairy), cookbook author mom (Constance Wu), and their young son, Josh (Winslow Fegley) -- moves into the house. Josh is nervous about everything having to do with the overwhelming city, including the noise, crowds, and new classmates. One day, Josh discovers Lyle, and, after a brief fright, discovers that the lovable reptile is the best new friend possible. But the Primm family's curmudgeonly downstairs neighbor, Mr. Grumps (Brett Gelman), can't stand the noise coming from above and keeps looking for reasons to get them evicted. When Hector returns from his travels, the charismatic showman helps the Primms keep Lyle safe but also tries to force him back in the spotlight.

This warm, sweet children's book adaptation does its "crocodile in the city" story justice but doesn't quite rise to Paddington-level greatness. This isn't one of those family films with wink-wink double entendres and jokes; it's geared firmly at single-digit-age audiences (with the possible exception of Mendes superfans who want to support everything the singer-turned-voice actor does). There's not a whole lot to the plot, making it easy for even young moviegoers to follow along. And there's no high-stakes drama or evil force to darken the story. The ensemble all do their best with the material. Bardem hams it up as an over-the-top showbiz performer who can't crack the big time or convince Lyle to sing on stage in front of an audience. Fegley (Timmy Failure) continues to hone his comedic timing as he authentically portrays Josh, a middle schooler who's trying to manage his anxiety at being the new kid in a new school in a big-and-scary new city. Wu and McNairy (who for once gets to play a nice guy) have their own adjustments to make as Josh's well-meaning and supportive parents. Gelman stands out as the mean-spirited (and appropriately named) Mr. Grumps, who cares solely for his Persian cat, Loretta, and his quiet.

The musical's songs, written by Pasek and Paul, the Academy Award-nominated songwriting duo behind Dear Evan Hansen, La La Land, and The Greatest Showman, are better than expected, showcasing Mendes' familiar pop voice well. "Top of the World," "Take a Look at Us Now," and the Mendes-penned "Heartbeat" are all commercially viable and evocative songs that go well with the soundtrack additions of established songs like Pete Rodriguez's "I Like It Like That" and, of course, Elton John's "Crocodile Rock." Besides the music, one of the tenderest aspects of the movie is the revelation that Mrs. Primm is actually Josh's stepmother. It's all too common for blended families to be portrayed in the media as antagonistic or hostile, so it's refreshing to see Josh feel close to his stepmother, whom he considers his mom. It's too bad that the movie doesn't lean more into the family's backstory or why Mrs. Primm has become such a worrier. In addition to the overt humor of the singing (but mysteriously not talking) crocodile, this is a story about found family and finding your joy, even when things seem overwhelming.

After a bank robbery, four criminals try to escape to the village of Santo Cristo in Acapulco, but they hijack the plane when a storm requires the pilot to start to turn around. They force the pilot to continue flying. After the copilot struggles with one of the hijackers, the plane's instrument panel is destroyed and it crashes. Most of the passengers and one of the hijackers die in the crash. The criminals gather the remaining passengers, killing those too injured to be of use, and force the rest to haul their loot through the swamp to the town they need to reach to finish their escape. While they gather the loot, a crocodile suddenly emerges from the water and eats the pilot. The criminals empty three guns into it, killing it.


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