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Download Live 3D Wallpaper for Android Phones: Enjoy Animated and Interactive Backgrounds

It also has night settings, which can make your wallpaper more visible after dark. Although the app isn't frequently updated, it's still one of the best live wallpapers you can use for Android phones.

download live 3d wallpaper for android phones

One of the unique things about this app is that it's developer-friendly, with the source code of the app available at This means that anyone can use the source code to manipulate and develop their own unique live wallpapers.

If you want to customize the wallpaper that the app flashes, this is possible as it can easily be adjusted according to your preferences through the app's settings. You don't have to worry about this too much, as the app comes with many high-quality live wallpapers that will not disappoint.

Rainpaper compiles the best live wallpapers from Reddit. With this app, you get customizable weather effects like rain and fog to use as your background. You can also choose the rain color, frequency, and type of droplets depending on your preferences.

Borderlight Live Wallpaper is a simple but very neat idea. This live wallpaper app displays a multicolored moving border around your screen's edges. It can be adjusted to fit any size of screen without any problems.

The 4D Live Wallpaper app is a collection of the best AMOLED live wallpapers. It features live backgrounds with a cool 3D depth effect, with lots of options for different people with different tastes.

There are lots of options to choose from so you can definitely find something that suits your tastes. Aside from live wallpapers, you can also get ringtones from this app, which is a great accompaniment for your moving background.

Wait, you could make your 3D image as your phone wallpaper? Yes! Mobile phones nowadays are capable of doing these kinds of features. But the main question is where to get these 3D wallpapers? Apart from creating the 3D photos with Photoshop, you can sit tight as we provide you with the best apps to download these awesome screensavers. Here are the 5 Best Applications for downloading 3D background photos.

Our first app on the list is the Asteroids 3D Live Wallpaper. It is an offline app, available only on Google Play, that provides users with beautiful outer-spaced-themed wallpaper. It offers a live wallpaper of a live asteroid floating into space. It has cool galaxy-themed color hues. They change dynamically, and with them are particles and space dust moving along. You can control the quality and settings of the asteroid, managing your battery life and phone's performance. The app is mostly free. You must purchase the app's full version to adjust the advanced settings. Nevertheless, it offers a cool 3D wallpaper if you are interested in space exploration.

How to download live 3d wallpaper for android phones

Best free live wallpapers for android in 2023

AMOLED 4D backgrounds HD and animated live wallpapers

Parallax 3D wallpaper with depth effects and video

Oajoo device info wallpaper with live data

Fish live wallpaper with 3D aquarium and interactive fish

Forest live wallpaper with animated scenery and weather

Wave live wallpapers maker 3D and video background

Muzei live wallpaper with daily artworks and photos

Minima live wallpaper with 3D shapes and colors

KLWP live wallpaper maker with custom designs and animations

Rainpaper live wallpaper with realistic raindrops and storms

GyroSpace 3D live wallpaper with planets and stars

Water Garden live wallpaper with koi fish and water effects

Chrooma live wallpaper with fluid shapes and gradients

HexShaders live wallpaper with pixelated shaders and patterns

Paperland live wallpaper with paper cut-out landscapes

Asteroids 3D live wallpaper with space theme and asteroids

Earth & Moon in HD Gyro 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper

Snowfall live wallpaper with winter scenes and snowflakes

Aquarium 3D Live Wallpaper Pro with realistic fish and coral reef

Galaxy Pack Live Wallpaper with 3D galaxies and nebulas

Mystic Night Live Wallpaper with glowing trees and fireflies

Christmas in HD Gyro 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper

Fireworks Live Wallpaper with colorful explosions and sounds

Space Colony Live Wallpaper with futuristic city and sci-fi theme

Sun Rise Live Wallpaper with morning sky and birds

Season Zen HD Live Wallpaper with spring, summer, fall, and winter themes

Ocean HD Live Wallpaper with underwater scenes and creatures

Celtic Garden HD Live Wallpaper with fairy garden and magic effects

Dream Night Pro Live Wallpaper with night sky and moonlight

Alien Shapes Live Wallpaper with 3D abstract shapes and colors

Electric Plasma Live Wallpaper Free with lightning bolts and sparks

Glitter Live Wallpaper Free with shiny stars and glitter effects

Neon Flowers Live Wallpaper Free with glowing flowers and butterflies

Sakura Pro Live Wallpaper with cherry blossom trees and petals

Steampunk Droid Live Wallpaper Free with mechanical droid and gears

Waterfall Sound Live Wallpaper Free with relaxing waterfall sounds and scenery

Zombie Town Live Wallpaper Free with zombies, ghosts, and bats

Bamboo Forest 3D Live Wallpaper Free with bamboo trees and panda bears

The second app featured on this list is the Parallax 3D Live Wallpapers. The selection of wallpapers varies from planets, nature, landscapes, fictional characters, and more. It uses advanced technology to render and give a real-depth feel to the images of the wallpaper as it moves; this is the parallax effect. As a bonus, you can add your 3D wallpapers using existing images on your gallery and share these with the community. This application is downloadable on Google Play and is free of any purchases. Use this app if you want a variety of 3d live wallpaper.

APPLAVIA's Live Wallpaper 3D App offers many free 3D and live wallpapers and themes. This app provides animated HD wallpapers and 4K live wallpapers. Additionally, these screensavers are available for home and lock screens. These numerous awesome wallpapers give you an excellent and modern touch on your iPhone. It offers fictional characters such as anime characters and superheroes, landscapes, and many more.

3D parallax offers high-quality HD live wallpapers with awesome-looking effects focusing on depth and the gyroscope sensor to simulate your phone's movements. Each wallpaper gives a holographic appearance on your wallpapers. It is pretty easy to navigate the settings on this app. Plus, there are also 4K wallpapers available. The only catch is that for each image that you download, you have to purchase it.

Discover and download 3D live wallpapers with wallpapersafari. It is a web-based wallpaper downloader software that makes personalizing your pc much easier! Like the last website, you must search for your desired wallpaper and then look at many results. Select and download the live home screen, then set it as your background, just like that! That is why wallpapersafari is one of the best websites for 3D wallpapers.

This website allows users to browse through wallpapers in categories; of course, 3D wallpapers are one of them! Get the most realistic screensavers with this web-based software. You can download various themes such as Fantasy, Cartoon, Anime, Nature, Landscape, and much more! These wallpapers are exclusively for PCs but, surprisingly, free!

Coming forth on our list is MyLiveWallPapers! It offers a lot of cool 3D anime wallpapers, and they are visually stunning! It excels in providing the most compelling fictional and fantasy characters. It has a simple and accessible interface that lets users easily search and download each wallpaper. With its specialty in providing animated fictional characters, it undoubtedly stands out on what it wants to offer.

Last on our list is Pixabay, an online software offering free stock of video footage or clips and, most importantly, live wallpapers. There are over 300+ results if you look for 3D live wallpapers. All the images and live wallpapers have a high-quality resolution and are very accessible and easy to search. With Pixabay, you have the versatility to explore what kind of wallpaper you want.

In conclusion, collecting and downloading live wallpapers for your PC and mobile is possible. Each software has distinctive features, and we hope you will have your preferred program. Please share this article as we want to help other users, like your friends or family. Please, visit our website for more helpful tips and solutions with our devices.

If you have an iPhone and there are videos that you want to turn into live wallpapers, you have options. However, you'll have to first convert those videos to live photos. From there, you'll be able to find the live photo in your library and set it as your wallpaper.

3D Mushroom Garden App is a Live 3D Wallpaper for Android that can be set on the Home screen of you Android phones. It is displayed on the Main screen as well as the menu screen of your phone. This Live wallpaper has amazingly smooth animation. It has bright colored mushrooms which look really cute and beautiful. The wallpaper rotates slowly and butterflies fly across the screen. It has a very soothing effect that can calm your thoughts and put a nice smile on your face when you look at this 3D wallpaper. The surroundings are so clean and fresh that they transport your mind to a beautiful world, free of tensions.

3D Mushroom Garden App is an amazing Live wallpaper with beautiful graphics and mind blowing animation. This is the best Live 3DWallpaper that I have come across. If you have a Android phone you must try this live 3d wallpaper for Android.

With more than 300+ Parallax wallpapers, which includes animated lock screens and customisable wallpapers. You will even have the ability to keep a separate 3D wallpaper for your home screen and lock screen. If your Android phone supports it, the application even allows you to put live wallpaper for the lock screen which is an exclusive feature.

To set videos as live wallpapers on an Android device, you'll need to install a third-party app like Video to Wallpaper. The app is quite simple to use, and I'm sure most of you will be able to figure out the process by yourself. But if you face any issues, here's a quick overview of how you can use it to set any video as a live wallpaper on your phone:

The live wallpaper should now appear on your homescreen and/or lockscreen based on your selection. You can follow the same steps to change the live wallpaper whenever you please. All the live wallpapers you pick in step 4 will appear on the app's homescreen for easy access, so you'll be able to switch between them without following steps 2 and 3 every time.

Video to Wallpaper is one of the simplest apps you can use to set videos as live wallpapers on your Android phone. I picked it over the other apps mentioned below for one simple reason: It's ad-free. If you're looking for an app that offers more controls and customization options or is easier to use, you should check out the alternatives mentioned below.

Sadly, this feature won't let you set a video as a live wallpaper on the homescreen. You'll still have to rely on a third-party app for that purpose. Thankfully, there are quite a few options out there. We've already talked about the Video to Wallpaper app. Now let's take a look at four other apps that you can use for this purpose.

Below in this post, You will see a download button & from there you have to download an app called Android 14 Live Wallpaper.apk. Install it after downloading. Interestingly, You will get six wallpapers in that one app.

TikTok is great for creating short videos of people lip-syncing to songs or comedy sketches, but it's also very entertaining to just browse and share cool videos with friends. When you stumble across a video you like, you can download it onto your phone to watch over and over again. Even better, you can turn the video in a live wallpaper if you just can't get enough of it.

The process for converting a TikTok video to an animated wallpaper varies, so it will be slightly different on an iPhone than it is on an Android phone. Either way, you don't even have to have an account for TikTok, previously called, but not all videos are downloadable as animated backgrounds for your home or lock screen.

If a user disabled the saving of videos, this won't work. Likewise for private accounts, unless you're a friend of the user you're getting the video from. When performing the steps below, if you don't see the "Live Photo" option, you can't use the video unless you use a third-party app to download the video, then another to covert the video to a live wallpaper.

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