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Back Buttons Could Be Coming To The Next-gen PS5 DualShock Controller

It will come with: the DualSense Edge wireless controller, USB braided cable, two standard caps, two high dome caps, two low dome caps, two half dome back buttons, lever back buttons, connector housing and a carrying case.

Back buttons could be coming to the next-gen PS5 DualShock controller

No. Because the best PS5 controllers, such as the DualSense Wireless controller, have been created to make use of 'next-gen games' with high-spec features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, these controllers won't work on old consoles.

No further details have been provided by Tesla but this is a sign that a wireless gaming controller could be coming to the Tesla shop soon. You can expect it to connect via Bluetooth and likely cost somewhere between $50 and $80 USD.

Players wanting an even more advanced controller will want to consider Sony's DualSense Edge. This premium pad offers a wealth of additional features including adjustable triggers, swappable sticks and back buttons. However, all these extras come at a hefty price: $199/209. The DualSense Edge also packs a slightly smaller battery than the regular PS5 DualSense controller which is a disappointing downgrade for such a pricey accessory.

The paddles installed at the back of the controller improve the comfort and efficiency of playing. You can assign to them functions of the front panel buttons like: X, O, triangle, square, and D-Pad, L3, R3, L1 & R1- depending on your needs. Thanks to this feature, the gaming experience would be even better.

However, one big difference between Sony\u2019s controller and Microsoft\u2019s is that users can replace each stick module on the controller. It\u2019s unclear how much these will cost, but it\u2019ll be far cheaper than sending a controller back for repair if your gamepad develops stick drift or buying a new one if your warranty runs out. These modules will be sold separately but could still inflate the DualSense Edge Controller\u2019s price as we haven\u2019t seen this type of functionality before.

What\u2019s more, the controller comes with a carrying case, braided USB Type-C cable, two back buttons, and two \u2018FN\u2019 buttons that let you tweak your setup on the fly. Only having two back buttons (or paddles) may be concerning to those who are used to having four buttons, but we\u2019ll have to see whether that\u2019s a downside or not once we get our hands on Sony\u2019s competitive controller.

If you struggle to get by without handles, the 8BitDo Pro 2 ($50) adds them, along with a couple of handy programmable back buttons. It currently tops our Best Mobile Game Controller guide. Both controllers can also be used with retro consoles like the SNES Classic.

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