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Buy Givenchy Perfume

Hi Monica, thanks for stopping by. One rather unscientific way I have of determining whether or not a perfume is vintage is to go to a site like Sears or Amazon which will certainly be selling a newly reformulated perfume, and then go to eBay and type in vintage + whatever the perfume is. I did just that for Ysatis and there is a difference in the boxes. The new one has the jungle print edge, but the vintage one has a jungle print edge and the 4 Givenchy G's logo with that jungle print, too. So I would guess that unless yours has the 4 Gss, it's not vintage. Let me know how it works out! Reformulated Ysatis : _10153_12605_07465949000P?vName=BeautycName=FragrancesName=Women%27s%20Fragrancepsid=FROOGLE01sid=IDx20070921x00003aVintage Ysatis: -GIVENCHY-Pure-Parfum-Spray-1-3-fl-oz-Vintage-/330387169149?cmd=ViewItempt=fragrancehash=item4cec9c1f7d

buy givenchy perfume

I guess the main difference between old and new one is box (old is black and new is purple) and the bottle( the old one is with golden lid reminds of a column). New version smells awful!!! I use it as a air freshener in my bathroom. It smells so cheap and al the luxury of richness has gone!!! Thanks God there are still some old bottles on ebay!One question: ive seen pure perfume on ebay, but so strange that it is packed into black (old) box, but the bottle is like new formula one. Does anyone have expirience how it smwlls like? Like the old version or like the new version???

I have a gold box of Ysatis de givenchy. It says it it a celebratory edition, limited edition of 10 years. What year does that mean? There is a 50ml bottle of eau de toilette inside the box and a 4ml bottle of perfume in the front of the box. Does anyone know anything about this perfume please?

Not a perfume that I would have discovered on my own but when my step mom passed away and I was cleaning out her things, I found a little bottle. I put some on and closed my eyes and pictured beautiful ladies all dressed up at a fancy party. To my amazement, the next morning I could still catch pleasant wood tones and decided it had to be my scent.

I remember buying a Givenchy perfume in 1983,a squarish bottle atomiser,a clear glass bottle,the perfume liquid was gorgeous topaz blue colour, most beautiful fragrance. I'm wonderering where and if I can buy some more. Hope you can help.CheersJohn

Hi everyone, this one has consistently remained smelling the same as it did in the 80's. Only difference is in the 80's you could buy the richer Parfum or perfume formula. These are the notes listed in the Perfume of the World Websight Madarine/Tangerine, Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Middle, Jasmine and rose, Bottom Patchouli, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Amber, Bay Rum.////And my tester bottle I own of Ysatis has the notes listed this way. Oriental Floral only stating Mandarine, Jasmine, Patchouli. It also has this listed. Oakmoss, tree moss, along with chemical composition of alcohol, Citronellol etc.

Apart from Givenchy perfume, Givenchy outfits are the talk of the town. In 1952, Hubert de Givenchy established his own opulent label and unveiled the Les Séparables collection, which included flowy skirts and cute blouses made of raw cotton.

L'Interdit Eau de Parfum is a women's amber floral cologne. In 2018, L'Interdit Eau de Parfum Givenchy perfume made its debut. Pear and Bergamot are the top notes, followed by Tuberose, Orange Blossom, and Jasmine Sambac in the middle, and Patchouli, Vanilla, Ambroxan, and Vetiver in the base. 041b061a72


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