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ProppFrexx ONAIR Keygen __FULL__

ProppFrexx ONAIR: A Comprehensive Playout and Radio Automation Software

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile software system for your radio station, whether it is a large terrestrial station or a small web radio station, you might want to check out ProppFrexx ONAIR. This software is designed for general On-Air operations, such as live assist and/or automation, and it offers a range of features that can support your daily workflow and enhance your audio quality.

ProppFrexx ONAIR Keygen

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What is ProppFrexx ONAIR?

ProppFrexx ONAIR is a software system developed by radio42, a company that specializes in music and audio software solutions. ProppFrexx ONAIR is based on the BASS.NET API, which is a .NET wrapper for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library and its add-ons[^3^]. ProppFrexx ONAIR can run on Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS or Android platforms[^2^].

What are the features of ProppFrexx ONAIR?

ProppFrexx ONAIR has a modern and skinnable user interface that supports multiple monitors and can be customized to suit your preferences. It also has a touch UI mode and high DPI support[^1^]. Some of the main features of ProppFrexx ONAIR are:

  • Unlimited Mixer: You can define any number of mixer input and output channels, including logical sub-groups, and switch between different mixer setups. You can also use various DSPs/VSTs and soundcards (ASIO, WASAPI or WDM) for your audio processing and routing[^1^].

  • High-Quality Audio: You can play and edit almost any audio format with full meta data support, such as WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, OPUS and many more. The internal audio processing and mixing ensures the highest quality and best output for your sound[^1^].

  • Playout & Playlists: You can manage any number of playlists and playout windows with up to 4 DJ players each. You can also automate, script and schedule your playout or handle it manually in live-assist mode. You can use various segue options, time syncs, conditional rules and remaining time based scheduling[^1^].

  • Scheduling & Scripting: You can use two independent schedulers to plan your regular programs and extra overlays. You can also use a UI driven scripting to configure your planned hours without any coding or programming language. You can also import or export your schedules from or to external sources[^1^].

  • Adverts & News: You can manage your advertising and news campaigns with full billing and reporting capabilities. You can also handle multiple regions, news categories, priorities, brand conflicts, slot assignments and distribution. You can also use various opener, separator and closer options for your adverts and news[^1^].

How to download ProppFrexx ONAIR?

If you want to try ProppFrexx ONAIR for yourself, you can download the latest stable version from the official website[^2^]. You will need to fill out a form with your name and email address and then you will receive a link to the download file. ProppFrexx ONAIR runs in demo mode if you do not enter a valid registration key at startup. The demo mode has all the features of the enterprise edition but it has two limitations: it plays a short beep sound every so often and it terminates automatically after 3 hours of consecutive use. If you want to use ProppFrexx ONAIR on a regular basis, you will need to purchase a license from the website[^2^].


ProppFrexx ONAIR is a comprehensive playout and radio automation software system that can suit any radio station's needs. It has a modern and customizable user interface, unlimited mixer capabilities, high-quality audio support, flexible playout and playlist management, powerful scheduling and scripting tools, integrated advertising and news management and more. You can download ProppFrexx ONAIR from the official website and try it for yourself in demo mode or purchase a license for regular c481cea774