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Buy Leather Moccasins !EXCLUSIVE!

Welcome to our store! We offer a variety of moccasins and additional products such as accessories and gifts. We carry several Canadian made brands including Bastien Industries, Laurentian Chief and Lambskin Specialties.Leather-Moccasins is a division of The Brown Bear Distributions Inc. We hope you take your time browsing our products and reach out to us by phone or email if you have any questions

buy leather moccasins


*FREE SHIPPING* Our Double Sole Ole' Maine Comfort Classic Moccasin is genuine handsewn around the toe and heel (not whipped or laced) using soft textured Top Grain Cowhide. A thicker, more durable Bull Hide leather is used for the double sole. The rich Dark Brown color is a great choice.

Our double sole moccasins are really "triple" soles because we put an extra layer of leather between the moccasin and the stitched on double sole for added comfort. Combining that with great classic looks and craftsmanship it creates a long time friend. There is nothing quite as special as handsewn moccasins.

When choosing a size for your new moccasins, keep in mind our moccasins run pretty true to the size of your dress shoe or everyday street shoe size...not a sneaker, athletic shoe or work boot.

It is important that the leather is soft enough. The reason is that when stitching, it will make little folds around the toe-box to shape the moccasins. The more rigid the leather will be, the harder it will be to work with. So forget dry and semi-rigid leather or, even worse, rigid leather. Moreover, the softer the leather, the more comfortable your moccasins will be.

When it comes to choosing leather and if you are hesitating between different leather types, I would always advise the most flexible and soft one over the thickness. The reason for that is that you will most likely add a leather or rubber sole to the moccasins anyway.

In the case you cannot go directly to a tannery, a leather wholesaler, or a leather shop, most of them will gladly help you find the right kind of leather for your project over the phone and send free samples.

Full-grain means that the surface level of the skin is intact, as opposed to nubuck leather where the surface has been sanded for a velvet touch. The structure of the skin is untouched, it is more sturdy, but be careful! It is not uncommon that an acrylic layer is painted on it to correct the imperfections like little scars, scratches, and spots on the skin. This painted layer gives an opaque and plastic-looking finish to the leather and would easily rub off, especially on the toes after time. It also makes the leather less breathable. Two things that are really not recommendable for shoes!

If your leather is too thin, you could still use it for the Sun Sandals, reinforcing the petals that hold the laces by gluing a double layer and adding a sole. Alternatively, you could use it for the top of the wrap-up boots by doubling (and gluing) the front/top part. All this is explained in the video tutorials.

We do realize that ordering a kit can be a little pricey for most beginners, although it can be particularly interesting to get a good reference of what kind of leather to look for. If you can afford it, it will definitely save you from the struggle to source leather on your own, putting all chances on your side to have a good experience with making handmade leather moccasins.

We sell starter kits in our catalog to start with everything at hands, we provide the leather only, if you already have the tools, or in small kits or in half-bull skin (much more economical) in which you could make 6 to 9 pairs, same for suede leather.

Look for the softness first! The softer the leather is, the more comfortable your moccasins will be and the easier it will be to work with.Avoid any kind of stiff leather!Always get to touch the leather before buying it!

PS: If you want to learn more about leather in general which, is a big topic in itself, we advise you to read the website of Leather Naturally. Their organization is focused on education and promotion of leather material.

The Leather Moccasin kits are the perfect craft for any age or type of crafter! These kits contain all of the supplies and leather you need to make a pair of leather moccasins, but you can easily customize the moccasins to fit your own needs or design.

Popular ideas for customizing the moccasins include painting the leather toe plugs, using different colored or type of lace, adding beading or embellishments to the lacing, adding fringe to the cuff or toe plug and using different colors or patterned leathers to replace pre-cut leather parts.

Kit Parts Overview:2 toe plugs - These form the top of the leather moccasin2 soles with insoles 2 leather cuffs - These wrap around the back and heel of the moccasin. If making the smaller size, you may have to cut off the end of the cuff after stitching. Further instructions below. 5 laces - Two are used for lacing the toe plug and sole (one per moc), two are used for lacing the cuffs to the sole, and one is split in half to be used for each of the heel stitching.

1. Tie a knot in one end of one of the laces just above the tip. Match up the diamond holes in the sole and toe plug, with the other end of the lace, sew from the outside of the sole up though the toe plug. After pulling the knot tight pass the lace back through the diamond hole in the sole only. Your lace should have looped the two pieces of leather together and be in between the sole and toe plug.

2. Now pass the lace on the inside of your moccasin through the next hole in the sole and pull tight to form a pucker between the stitches. Hold the leather in place with your thumb and sew through the next hole in the toe plug from the outside and pull your stitch tight. Continue around the entire toe passing the lace out through the sole and down through the toe plug, pulling each stitch tight, until you reach the next set of diamond holes.

Our goal is to be a resource for the growth of the leathercraft industry and the best way we can do that is to support you, the maker. Sign up for our email list for news and insights to help flourish in your craft.

Full-grain calfskin upper - 100% organic cotton, wax coated laces Hand-stitched, leather outsole Reinforced stacked heel for durability Memory foam padding for comfort- True To Size Made In Brazil When...

We pledge to make each pair of moccasins with the exact same handmadestandards that we have perfected during our 45 years in business. Eachmoccasin and boot will receive the same painstaking individual attention thathas made ARROW MOCCASIN an award winning company, known for ouruncompromising standards and workmanship.Moccasins from ARROW MOCCASIN are simply the absolute best qualityavailable. We have a family work ethic that is reflected in the craftsmanshipof our every task, as well as our 6 to 7 day work week.

This same ethic is reflected in our prices. Our prices are 20 to 40 percentbelow that of our competitor's. We take a great deal of pride in our work andin knowing the pleasure and satisfaction that our customers have when theywalk in a pair of moccasins made by our hands.

Our moccasins are made of extra heavy, quality, Swiss hides that are tannedin England, the same country that produces the best of bridle leathers. Aspecial tanning process is used by a small, family owned tannery, that no onein the world has been able to duplicate. The fibers of the leather are tightlyjoined in the process, yet are pliable enough to allow the leather to mold toyour feet and breathe.

Each pair of footwear comes with a COMPLETE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE orwe will refund 100% of your money. When you receive your personallymade pair of moccasins, if you are not satisfied for any reason, we willrefund your money with no questions asked.*

"I have always made my own moccasins, that is, until I wore a pair ofARROW MOCCASINS. Not only are they quiet, they look great and hold upbetter than any other shoe I have worn. They mold to your feet and let youfeel the ground which is essential in tracking. The quality is the best that Ihave ever seen. The traditional look and durability that these moccasins have,deserve much respect. They are cheaper and are of better quality than anyother moccasin made. ARROW MOCCASINS are the best moccasins aroundanywhere."

"Enclosed are a pair of moccasins in need of resoling. I have worn themdaily for 5 years working on the farm and on all my trekkingexpeditions. I have worn out 3 pairs of your competitor's double solemoccasins before I discovered your company. Your moccasins are far superior inwear and comfort, as well as much less expensive."

"I just received my Soulier de Boeufs and I am writing to tellyou that I am absolutely delighted with them. They fit my feet as if you hadfitted them personally. The leather quality is unsurpassed and I speak assomeone who was in the shoe business for many years. I fully expect to bewearing these for many years."

"I've worn your moccasins everyday for the last 19 years, summer through winter, rain or shine,or snow. Minus 30 deg to 100 plus. I have three pair; one for everyday, one for church, and my shearling lined winter mocs. The shearling lined ones were purchased 2 wintersago, replacing the 16 year old pair, 'cause they were looking a bit "ratty" I kept the old pair for when it's real muddy! Please keep up the good work, because I don't think I could stand wearing anything else!"

I'm 59 years old and thought I knew everything I ever wanted or needed to know about tying my shoes...that is till Irecently bought a new pair of high-end moccasins with laces tied in a knot I simply could not duplicate. Did a googlesearch and found your site. How wonderful, a site dedicated to those of us with a desire to know just how in the heck ashoe was tied. 041b061a72


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