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Money Heist - Season 3 !EXCLUSIVE!

Flashbacks to the Professor and Berlin outline the planned new heist and their different approaches to love. The disguised robbers sneak into the heavily guarded bank, take hostages and eventually gain access to the gold and state secrets, while the Professor and Lisbon travel in an RV and then an ambulance while communicating with the robbers and the police.

Money Heist - Season 3

The latest series of Money Heist drops on Netflix today (Friday, April 3) with eight brand-new episodes of the heist drama. Known in Spanish as La Casa de Papel, there was plenty of drama in the last season for the characters of the show - here's a reminder of everything that happened.

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At this moment in time, Netflix has not confirmed whether or not this Korean Drama will be renewed for part 3. There has also been no official word outside of Netflix on the intentions of further seasons. Season 1 has performed well; however, if the series were to be renewed, would the story follow the same trajectory as the original Money Heist? This would not seem like a wise decision from a storytelling perspective, as it would remove all elements of surprise.

Ideally, if Netflix were to continue with this K-Drama, a fresh, original heist would be ideal, where the plot deviates more strongly. The ending of part 2 did bring a noticeable deviation (I will not spoil it), which fans have applauded, but it was not enough to classify the show as the original.

Updated on August 17th, 2020, by Shawn S. Lealos: Money Heist continues to roll along as one of the most successful foreign-language series on Netflix. It is also one of the best heist television series ever made, both when it comes to Netflix and broadcast or cable television. As it rolls along, many viewers want to find something to watch during the long waits between seasons. There are plenty of options for people who love Money Heist out there, especially in the realm of movies. We have looked back and found five more great options for fans of the Netflix heist series.

In 1997, Quentin Tarantino created his own heist movie in Jackie Brown. As with most Tarantino movies of that era, he brought back some iconic stars from the past that people had almost forgotten over time. This time around, it was Pam Grier, who starred as a flight stewardess who helped smuggle some money and drugs into the country and was arrested and turned into an informant. The movie is set up as a double-cross, shot Rashomon style where all sides of the story play out.

In 1995, Bryan Singer enjoyed his breakout in Hollywood when he directed The Usual Suspects. The movie was another puzzle-style heist movie, which played out the heist in such a way that no one knew who was the mole until the very end, with one of the better twist endings in heist movies. The cast was top-notch, with Kevin Spacey as the top name in the cast as he tells the story of the mysterious Kayser Soze.

When Quentin Tarantino talks about his movie Reservoir Dogs, he mentions the movie that influenced him, which was the 1956 classic Stanley Kubrick heist movie, The Killing. The film tells the story of a racetrack robbery and focuses on the team that is planning the heist, which includes a corrupt cop among more. Sterling Hayden led the cast for a movie that picked up the BAFTA Award for Best Film from any Source.

Mission: Impossible has been one of the most successful espionage movie franchises in Hollywood since the first movie arrived over two decades ago. However, in 2015, the franchise kicked it up to a new level thanks to the arrival of Christopher McQuarrie. He ended up changing the look and feel of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, where it was almost as much a heist movie as a spy flick. As a note, the sequel Mission: Impossible - Fallout might be an even better movie for the series.

In 1995, Michael Mann released his masterpiece. The movie Heat brought together Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in a scene for the first time. While both actors were in Godfather II, they never shared a scene in that movie, so when the two were a cop and the criminal he was chasing sharing a scene at a diner, it was a groundbreaking moment. This movie also includes some of the best heist action scenes in any film and is a brilliant work of cinematic art.

Now You See Me comes in two parts, with Morgan Freeman doing the glamorous job of narrating how these Four Horsemen plant their seeds. He hosts his own show debunking their secrets and revealing how they brainstorm, organize, and execute these heists.

You will also love the soundtrack of this film. Baby suffers from a hearing problem and so he needs to always put in his earphones so he can concentrate better. Besides, sharp focus is key to a successful heist, right?

The Fast and Furious franchise is a long-running series where every installment needs something new to focus on. If the rest of the films are about stealing cars, saving loved ones, and resisting the government, Fast Five is the heist one.

If the previously mentioned films were about stealing money through organized robbery, this one is about counting cards. Have you heard about the game blackjack? Its central goal is to acquire cards with a face value of 21, no more, no less. The better you are at counting cards, the more chance of winning.

A group of excommunicated mercenaries join forces to conduct a grand heist and retrieve an important briefcase. Starring Robert DeNiro, he and his crew must face the dangers of the job they agreed to. The catch is to deal and get along with people who they are only meeting for the first time.

After escaping the Royal Mint of Spain in Money Heist Season 1 and 2 with less characters that went in, the Professor gang make their way to different parts of the world to spend their millions. However, some unexpected drama between Tokyo and Rio leads to his capture and now the gang must come back together to stage the ultimate heist in the hopes of earning leverage to recover their lost comrade.

I must say that while the third season of Money Heist had a bigger stake and more chances of failure, I still preferred the original heist on the Royal Mint. The third season, while it had the same objective as the original two seasons, seemed like a mere attempt to extend the show because of its success.

In the first two seasons, the priority was to save the hostages, but this time around, authorities could care less about civilians as they keep the gang from their objective of taking the gold reserves and blackmailing the state with their secrets. That was a big difference.

There are more characters too now, with welding expert Bogota, and communications guy Marseilles and of course we have the ever annoying Arturo/Arturito who is basking in undeserved fame after the Royal Mint heist.

The series retained the brilliance in the set up of the plot to make for an engaging viewership, and added some more music to its soundtrack to hype up the heist and the subsequent encounters between the robbers and the police. As the authorities close in on the Professor and Raquel, viewers also feel the tension rise with every narrow escape.

[00:17:30] Sergio told Tokyo that they were doing this heist not just for Rio but for everyone in the family. He explained that they cannot let the government win because they violated their rights and will continue to violate them unless they strike back. Sergio continued by telling them that the government thinks they have nothing to lose however they will show them how much they have to lose.

[00:24:30] Tokyo assured Palermo that her hand was steadier than a Swiss watchmaker. Palermo informed her that doctors used lasers instead of tweezers to guarantee precision. He sarcastically told Denver that Tokyo wanted to use the tweezers that she uses to trim her pubic hair. Palermo offended Tokyo, as a result, she jammed her pistol in his mouth. She made him swear to no longer mention their personal areas. Palermo swore, and Tokyo let him go. He called on Denver to guide him so that they could continue their heist.

Season 3, with Volume 1 (5 episodes) and Volume 2 (5 Episodes), is a continuation of Season 2 and the final season of the mainline Money Heist/La Casa de Papel franchise concerning Professor's heist of the Bank of Spain. It should be noted that sometimes individual parts are referred to as seasons.

The Heckler & Koch MP5A5 continues to be one of the primary weapons used by the heist crew and is once again used by both Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) and Lisbon (Raquel Murillo). It is also used by police and Special Forces.

Netflix is building up interest for its launch of the third season of the wildly successful Spanish suspense heist thriller La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) with the release of the first official action-packed trailer of the series.

Berlin , Rafael, Marseille and Tatiana head out to a heist where Tatiana performs and buy some time. Rafael and Berlin enter the vault and crack the safe to swap the Viking gold successfully. Rafael who now understands the thrill behind the heist has the scene ending with the audience guessing it may not be the last we have seen of him.

The final episode of the second season ended with everyone happily going their separate ways with their cut of the money. The way the second season ended it seemed unnecessary and shocking that there was a third season. Even though it was unexpected, viewers were still tuned in for the third season.

During the most recent season, viewers can better understand why the characters have certain attributes and see their personal growth after the first robbery. The show has an undeniably strong and interesting plot with great actors to execute their roles. This show can appeal to so many different crowds and it would disappoint several fans if there was not a fourth season to continue the series. The third season was equally as stimulating as the previous two with the unexpected death of one character and the capturing of ex-detective Raquel Murillo on the final episode. Fans everywhere are anticipating what will happen next. 041b061a72


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