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Matichya Chuli hai: A Hilarious Marathi Comedy-Drama Movie in HD 1080p

Matichya Chuli hai full movie hd 1080p free download

Are you looking for a way to watch or download Matichya Chuli hai full movie in HD 1080p for free? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this Marathi comedy-drama film, including its plot, cast, reviews, and how to download it legally or illegally. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Matichya Chuli hai full movie hd 1080p free download


What is Matichya Chuli hai movie about?

Matichya Chuli hai is a Marathi movie that was released on 10 April 2006. The film was produced by Ashwami Manjrekar and directed by Atul Kale and Sudesh V. Manjerekar. The film stars Sudhir Joshi, Vandana Gupte, Ankush Choudhary, Madhura Velankar, and Sanjay Mone in the lead roles. The film is a humorous take on the archetypal relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law.

The plot of Matichya Chuli hai movie

The film revolves around the Dandekar family, consisting of Shripad (Sudhir Joshi/Anand Abhyankar), Sunanda (Vandana Gupte), and their son Vishal (Ankush Choudhary). Shripad is a retired bank manager who loves his wife and son dearly. Sunanda is a devoted mother who nurtures Vishal and looks after every small need of his. Vishal is a software engineer who gets so used to his mother's care that he can't do without her even after he grows up to be a fine young man.

One day, Vishal gets married to Pooja (Madhura Velankar), a modern and independent woman who works as a journalist. Pooja now takes the place of Sunanda in Vishal's life. A sense of insecurity develops within Sunanda and a question starts troubling her. Will my daughter-in-law steal my son away from me? This thought plants the seed of dislike towards Pooja in Sunanda's mind and soon, a full-fledged war breaks out between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law, leaving the hapless husbands caught in the crossfire.

The cast of Matichya Chuli hai movie

The film features an ensemble cast of talented actors who deliver brilliant performances. Here are some of the main actors and their roles in the film:



Sudhir Joshi/Anand Abhyankar

Shripad Dandekar

Vandana Gupte

Sunanda Dandekar

Ankush Choudhary

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