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Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Compressed Highly

I use Visual Studio SDK for Windows XP in Visual C++ 2005 with a separate Windows XP. I wish to upgrade to Visual Studio 2008 but I do not want to spend about a thousand dollars on software. Can the upgrade be done in visual studio 2003 from the Visual studio SDK for Visual Studio 2003?

microsoft visual studio 2008 compressed highly

There was a point when Data was 15-20 times as expensive as RAM, and no amount of disk compression could come close to saving it. Now, disk compression is the best thing since sliced bread (pun intended). Data can be compressed more than 10,000 times without losing much in storage.

For all platforms the cabinet library is a native CAB library and not a wrapper around zip. This allows you to use the cab compression format as it was originally intended by Microsoft. The cabinet library supports the CAB file format (both CAB and Zip archives) the cabfile format (the XML format) and MSZIP and LZX compression.

The Truevision Graphics Adapter (TGA) image format (also known as Targa). An RLE-compressed, lossless image format that supports both color-mapped (color palette) or direct-color images of up to 24-bit color and alpha transparency. Unsuitable for photographs and images that have a significant amount of color detail, but provides good compression ratios for images that have long spans of identical colors.

ATTENTION: If these DLL's are not installed on the target machine the user will NOT get an intelligent error message telling him what is wrong. Instead Microsoft.NET throws the most stupid exceptions like: CabLib.dll or one of its dependencies could not be loaded or System.IO.FileLoadException:....This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. The users of your application will never suspect that the cause is a missing MsVcr80/90.dll!


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