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Two of the most consistent correlates of sexual orientation in men are handedness and fraternal birth order (i.e., number of older brothers). In the present study, the relationship among handedness, older brothers, and sexual orientation was studied in 4 samples of heterosexual and gay or bisexual men (N = 944). Unlike previous studies, which have only observed an increased rate of non-right-handedness in gay or bisexual men relative to heterosexual men, an elevated rate of extreme right-handedness was found in gay or bisexual men relative to heterosexual men. The results also demonstrated that older brothers moderate the relationship between handedness and sexual orientation. Specifically, older brothers increase the odds of being gay or bisexual in moderate right-handers only; in both non-right-handers and extreme right-handers, older brothers do not affect (or decrease) the odds of being gay or bisexual. The results have implications for an early neurodevelopmental origin to sexual orientation in men.

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The mature male is parasitic on the female. After attaching to the much larger female, the male's internal organs, I expect including the brain but definitely not the testes, degenerate to a marked degree. While female Lophius have a very small brain to body mass ratio, the male's brain is likely to be much smaller than the female' before as well as after this degenerative process. The authors might want to look into this group of fishes. There are likely to be museum specimens available. As well as a compendium of modestly off color jokes.

The findings in idiopathic precocious puberty and CAH indicate a loss of genetic determination except in girls with idiopathic precocious puberty. This may be a reflection of the fact that idiopathic precocious puberty in boys and CAH are pathological conditions; most girls with precocious puberty are extreme variant or normal

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One problem with EU discussions is that nobody dares to point out that we have different views and goals. We want thoroughness but to different extent (safety testing vs. extreme precautionary principle caution). In most questions there is no european consensus and quite deep value differences - but making them visible is not popular, since it disrupts the impression of a unified Europe where a single supranational system can make decisions we all agree with.

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Males and females look different from each other, and these sexual dimorphisms are the result, largely, of sex differences in the expression of certain genes. Typically, scientists have studied sexual dimorphism in sexually mature adult animals, as this is the lifestage where differences are most apparent. However, many sex-specific phenotypes arise from sex-biased development, so sex-biased gene expression should be expected to begin during development. Recent research from GEE reveals complex patterns of sex- and stage-dependent gene expression, resulting from differing evolutionary pressures on difference sexes. In fact, sex-biased gene expression is actually most evident during early development.

In the majority of previous studies have found that more genes show male-bias in adults. By contrast, this study showed that in larval and pre-pupal stages of development in Drosophila melanogaster, more genes show female-biased gene expression. Females were also more likely to show stage-dependent sex-biases in gene expression. The exception to this was genes showing very extreme sex-bias, which tended to be male-biased. This is consistent with the finding that the overall magnitude of gene expression differences tended to be higher in male-biased genes.

AbstractMandrill Mandrillus sphinx hordes in the Lopé Reserve, Gabon, the approximate centre of the mandrill species range, were studied over 3 years from 1996 to 1999. Part of the study site included gallery forests within savanna areas, allowing observation of entire hordes, hitherto impossible in dense forest habitat. Horde size and composition (sex and age classes) were documented using exact records on video film whenever a horde or subgroup crossed an open space. Mean horde size was 620, and hordes of up to 845 individuals were documented, probably the largest stable group size found in any wild, unprovisioned primate population. Hordes were cohesive throughout the study period and did not seem to be aggregations of smaller units. Mandrill societies seem to be quite different from the baboon societies, to which they have been compared to date. Mature, breeding-age males were not resident members of hordes, but entered at the onset of seasonal cycles in the females (as deduced by the presence of sexual tumescence) and emigrated once female sexual cycles ceased. The number of breeding males present in the horde at any one time is best explained by the number of sexually attractive females. It is postulated that the extreme coloration of males and strong sexual dimorphism in mandrills may have evolved through an enhanced need for competitive signals in a situation where no long-term social bonds between breeding partners exist.

As for the libertarians at places like Reason, they would do well to reflect on what exactly their libertarianism entails. Freedom of speech or the right to choose how and where to be educated? If students are mature enough to choose universities that subject them to religious or modern hate-speech style restrictions or none at all, then libertarians should cheer them on. If students are not mature enough, then libertarians should agree that university codes are not objectionable. We can then argue about what those codes should be, but my main argument stands unrefuted.

Distal-less DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Effects of Mutation or Deletion Since Dll mutations are lethal, it is impossible to observe the effects on adult animals. Larvae however, have rudimentary limbs. In the absence of Dll, these vestigial limbs are deleted. Keilin organs, a distal sensory apparatus of larval appendages, are associated with the developing leg imaginal disc primordia. Thus these sense organs are the rudimentary legs of Drosophila embryos. In Dll mutants, the sensory hairs of Keilin's organs are deleted (S.M. Cohen, 1989).Dll protein can be detected in a central domain in legdiscs throughout most of larval development; in mature discs this domain corresponds to the distal-most regions of the leg: the tarsus and the distal tibia. Clonal analysis reveals that late in development these are the only regions in which Dll function isrequired. Dll3 is the strongest hypomorph in which all of the tarsus is deleted and the tibia and femur are reduced in size. Theexpression of two genes required for the patterning of the tarsus,al and bric à brac (bab) was examined in Dll3leg discs. In wild-type discs, al is expressed in the center of thedisc and bab in the rest of the presumptive tarsus. In Dll3 leg discs no al or babexpression can be detected in the center of the discs.Clonal analysis was performed with a Dll null allele. Clones were generated at various times during development and theresulting adult legs were compared to legs containing wild-typeclones generated at the same time. Dll clones generated early indevelopment fail to be recovered in the region more distalthan the coxa, while later in development phenotypically wild-typeDll clones (but lacking bracts) could be recovered in theproximal tibia and femur but not in more distal regions, wherethey segregate out as cuticular vesicles. The requirement for Dll in thefemur and most of the tibia is lost by about the early thirdinstar. Additional observations reveal that there is a clear difference in thetime at which normally patterned Dll null clones can berecovered in the dorsal femur, as compared to the ventral femur (here'ventral' corresponds only to the ventral third): Dll null clonescan be recovered in the dorsal femur when they are generatedat any stage in development, although earlyin development their frequency is reduced when compared to wild-type.In the trochanter, almost no wild-type Dll clones arerecovered at any stage in development; there is aproximal ring of Dll expression in the third instar leg disc thatprobably corresponds to the trochanter.When a leg is composed almost entirely of Dll null mutanttissue then the region more distalto the coxa is represented only by a small stump of tissue. A marked reduction in the P/D axis can be identified inleg discs consisting almost entirely of Dll null tissue,showing that the leg truncations produced by loss of Dll arenot caused simply by cell death late in development but maybe caused by disruption of normal patterning and growth orcell survival during development. In discs containing largerregions of wild-type tissue, this tissue is generally found in thecenter of the disc surrounded by Dll null tissue, in contrast to wild-type clones that form irregular patternscontributing to any region of the leg. Legs derived from thesetypes of discs develop normal distal regions, but the leg betweenthis region and the coxa is aberrant: there is a marked reductionin growth, the division into segments is disrupted and the sizeand density of bristles is reduced (Campbell, 1998). Proximodistal axis formation in the Drosophila leg: subdivision into proximal and distal domains by Homothorax and Distal-lessThe developing legs of Drosophila are subdivided intoproximal and distal domains by the activity of thehomeodomain proteins Homothorax (Hth) and Distal-less(Dll). The expression domains of Dll and Hth are initiallyreciprocal. In the mature third instar disc, Dll isexpressed in a large central domain that corresponds to thepresumptive tarsus and distal tibia. Dll is also expressedin a secondary ring. X-gal staining of adultlegs carrying a Dll-lacZ reporter gene shows that this ring islocated at the proximal edge of the femur, possibly extendingslightly into the distal trochanter. The central domain of Dll expression is controlled by Wg and Dpp. The proximal ring arises in third instar and does not depend on Wgor Dpp activity. The leg disc is a continuous single-layered epithelial sheetthat forms a series of folds as it grows. The peripheral regionof the disc forms the proximal segments. This region is foldedback over the central region where Dll is expressed. The domain of Hthexpression extends from the peripodial membrane at thetop, through the coxa and trochanter segmentprimordia. The distal-most portion of the Hth domain overlapsthe proximal part of the dac-lacZ domain within theproximal ring of Dll expression in the femur.Dll is expressed alone in the central folds of the disc (whichcorrespond to tarsal segment primordia). In proximal tarsusand tibia, Dll and Dac overlap. Dac is expressedalone in the presumptive femur. Becausethe disc is highly folded, horizontal optical sections makeproximal and distal regions of the disc appear to be closelyapposed, although they are actually far apart along the PD axisin the plane of the disc epithelium. Hth is expressed in the upper layerand around the lateral sides of the epithelial sac. Dll isexpressed in the center of the lower layer. The twoexpression domains abut, but do not overlap. dac-lacZis not detectably expressed at this stage, but can bereliably detected in slightly older discs at the transition from second to third instar. These observations suggest that the primary subdivision of the disc is into two domains: a central Dll-expressing domain and a proximal Hth-expressing domain. Wg and Dpp act together to induce Dll and Dac in the center of the leg disc. Wg and Dpp repress Hth and Teashirt, but not through activation of Dll (Wu, 1999).The expression patterns of Dll and Hth/Exd reflect an earlysubdivision of the disc into proximal and distal domains. Atearly stages of disc development, Dll and Hth/Exd areexpressed in reciprocal domains that account for all cells ofthe disc. At thisstage, Dac is not yet expressed. What is the relationship between Dll and Hth/Exd expression in the early disc? The Dlldomain is defined by Wg and Dpp signaling. The same signals repress nuclear localization ofExd and Hth expression. The reciprocity of Dll and Hthexpression suggests a model in which Wg and Dpp act throughDll to repress Hth in the early disc. However, the analysis ofmarked Dll mutant clones reported here shows that this is not the case.Clones of Dll mutant cells located in the distal region of theleg do not express Hth. This contrasts with recentreports by González-Crespo (1998) and Abu-Shaar (1998) in which evidence is presented for ectopicexpression of Exd and Hth in Dll mutant clones.How can the difference in the results betweenthese reports be reconciled? In both studies, the clones were induced in secondinstar larvae using the same allele of Dll. In the experiments reported here,clones were marked by the absence of Dll protein and by theabsence of a neutral beta-gal marker, which permits definitivegenotyping of the cells independent of Dll expression. In theother reports, clones were marked only by the absence of Dll.The disc epithelium is highly folded and the proximal Hth-expressingepithelium is very close to the distal Dll-expressingepithelium. Unless cells in the clone aredefinitively genotyped, it is difficult to distinguish a genuineclone from a patch of the overlying Hth-expressing proximalepithelium that has been pushed downward into the plane of theoptical section. Serial optical sections of wild-type discs showthat this type of distortion of the disc epithelium can occur indamaged discs as well as in discs that are not obviouslydamaged. How is Hth repressed by Wg and Dpp? Dac is induced byWg and Dpp toward the end of second instar. Hth expands distally, to some extent, in Dacmutant discs. These observations suggest that Dac contributes to Hthrepression. However, Hth is repressedprior to the onset of Dac expression indicating thatDac cannot be the primary repressor. Whether Wg and Dpp actdirectly to repress Hth expression or act via another as yetunidentified repressor remains to be determined (Wu, 1999).In conclusion, Hth and Dll expression appear to definealternative fates in the second instar disc. Under normalcircumstances, there does not appear to be a cell lineagerestriction between these populations (i.e. no compartmentboundary). These results suggest that cells can cross betweenthese territories if they are able to switch between Hth and Dllexpression. This situation appears to be analogous to the DVsubdivision of the leg disc (as opposed to the proximal distal subdivision reported here). DV subdivision is stable at the levelof gene expression in a cell population, but is not a clonallineage restriction boundary. Similarly, the separation of proximal and distal cellpopulations requires Hth function. These results suggest thatcells at the interface between these two territories arespecialized to allow integration of otherwise immisciblepopulations of cells (Wu, 1999 and references).Drosophila terminalia as an appendage-like structureThis study reports the expression pattern of Dll in the genital disc, the requirement of Dll activity for the development of the terminalia and the activation of Dll by the combined action of the morphogenetic signals Wingless (Wg) and Decapentaplegic (Dpp). In Drosophila, the terminalia comprise the entire set of internal and external genitalia (with the exception of thegonads), and includes the hindgut and the anal structures. They arise from a single imaginal disc of ventral origin that has a complex organization and shows bilateral symmetry. The genital disc shows extreme sexual dimorphism. Early in development,the anlage of the genital disc of both sexes consists of threeprimordia: the female genital primordium (FGP); the malegenital primordium (MGP), and the anal primordium (AP).In both sexes, only two of the three primordia develop: thecorresponding genital primordium and the anal primordium.These in turn develop, according to the genetic sex, intofemale or male analia. The undeveloped genital primordiumis the repressed primordium (either RFP or RMP,for the respective female and male genital primordia) (Gorfinkiel, 1999).During the development of the two components of the anal primordium -- the hindgut and the analia -- only the latter is dependent on Dll a

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