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Rok Sako To Rok Lo Movie: Everything You Need to Know About This Bollywood Sports Comedy Before You Download the Torrent

Rok Sako To Rok Lo Movie Torrent: How to Download and Watch This Bollywood Sports Comedy

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining movie to watch, you might want to check out Rok Sako To Rok Lo, a 2004 Bollywood sports comedy film starring Sunny Deol, Yash Pandit, and Manjari Fadnis. The movie is about two rival high schools competing in an annual sports festival, and the love stories that unfold among the students. In this article, we will tell you what the movie is about, why you should download it as a torrent, and how to do it safely and easily.

Rok Sako To Rok Lo Movie Torrent

What is Rok Sako To Rok Lo Movie About?

Rok Sako To Rok Lo, which translates to "Stop Me if You Can", is a movie directed by Arindam Chaudhuri, who made his debut with this film. The movie was released on December 10, 2004, in India, and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. However, it has gained a cult following over the years among fans of sports comedy and Sunny Deol's action scenes. Here are some details about the plot, the cast, and the production of the movie.

The Plot

The movie is set in a small scenic town in India, where there are two neighboring high schools: Valley High School, which caters to the affluent students, and Bharti High School, which caters to the middle-class students. The two schools have a long-standing rivalry, especially in the annual sports festival, where Valley High always dominates over Bharti High. The main characters of the movie are:

  • Dev (Yash Pandit), a student from Bharti High who is passionate about sports and falls in love with Sanjana, a girl from Valley High.

  • Suhana (Manjari Fadnis), Dev's childhood friend and classmate who secretly loves him but gets rejected by him.

  • Kabir "Phantom" Mukherjee (Sunny Deol), a mysterious man who saves Dev and his friends from the bullies of Valley High and becomes their mentor and friend.

  • Ranveer Pratap Singh (Carran Kapoor), the leader of Valley High students who is arrogant and ruthless. He is also Sanjana's boyfriend and Dev's main rival in sports.

  • Sanjana (Aparna Kumar), Ranveer's girlfriend who gets attracted to Dev but faces pressure from her family and friends to stay away from him.

The movie follows the journey of Dev and his friends as they try to win the sports festival for Bharti High with the help of Kabir. Along the way, they face many challenges, such as Ranveer's dirty tricks, Sanjana's dilemma, Suhana's heartbreak, Kabir's past, and a tragic accident that changes everything.

The Cast

The movie features a mix of established and new actors in Bollywood. Here are some of the main cast members and their roles:


Sunny DeolKabir "Phantom" Mukherjee

Yash PanditDev Varma


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