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SnoopyPro €? Windows USB Sniffer Tool

SnoopyPro is a lightweight, standalone (no installation necessary) Windows USB sniffer tool, it will log all data exchange between USB Device and its driver under a Windows environment. It definitely works on Windows XP, unsure about newer versions.

SnoopyPro – Windows USB Sniffer Tool

With no Linux support, I decided to write my own user space Linux driver to capture packets with the goal of integrating it into libpcap captures and other tools including Kismet Newcore. Plugging into a Linux box, it was clear that the device was using the USB HID, which was good news for me since it would be simpler to reverse the configuration details. Using the SnoopyPro USB sniffer, I was able to look at the USB packets, observing data from frames shown by the sniffer, as well as recording the configuration activity based on the channel I specified to capture on. 350c69d7ab

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