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Artemy Zhdanov
Artemy Zhdanov

Outcast: Legacy of the Yods: How to Create a Rich and Immersive Game World with CryENGINE 3 and Vehicle Pack

the weapons system isnt too crazy, but it sounds like we might see a lot of things that arent really a departure from what weve seen before, but hopefully more vehicles and weaponry. for example, the lmv1 and lmv2 have been renamed to the lmv600 and lmv620. the optical guns are now called aa5 and aa6. the lmv1 atgm is now called the lmv3 atgm. in terms of game modes, theres a brand new horde mode with a city environment now called cold war and a brand new instant action game mode called power struggle, which pits ai-controlled foes against human players to control a city within the time limit.

cryengine 3 vehicle pack

crysis 3 developer(s) crytek publisher electronic arts director cevat yerli producer(s) tony davispeter horzapfelerik staub designer sten hbler programmer(s) markus mohr writer richard k. morgan composer(s) borislav slavovtilman sillescuhans zimmerlorne balfe series crysis series engine cryengine 3 platform(s) microsoft windows playstation 3 xbox 360 release na: march 23, 2013au: march 25, 2013eu: march 26, 2013 genre(s) first-person shooter mode(s) single-player, multiplayer

nano is the third game in the series to introduce an energy regeneration system. this means that the player will be able to refuel a vehicle after a few minutes of immersion, allowing the player to take more riskier actions without running out of energy.


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