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No1 Business Man Movie In Hindi

However, Ajay is forced to free Surya after his henchmen kidnap Chitra. Surya promises to give up crime in order to live with Chitra, but he decides to set up a business which is untouchable by the police, after his proposal is turned down. Surya starts a company named Surya Exports & Imports as a front for his vigilante acts. In order to set up branch offices all over the country, Surya recruits local gangsters for staff and begins to forcibly extract a 2% tax on every contract made in the respective areas. Eventually, Surya becomes a billionaire, and during the inauguration of his "Business Bank", reveals his thirst for power to Ajay, further citing the decline in crime rate after recruiting the gangsters, and expressing his desire to help the needy. Surya further helps Laalu become the Mayor of Bombay by defeating Arun Gokhle, endorsed and later killed by Jaidev after Arun reveals Jaidev's scams to Ajay. Learning that Jaidev is planning to get both Chitra and Ajay killed, Surya rushes to their house but fails to save Ajay, who tells him to kill Jaidev in his final moments. Surya then reveals to Chitra that he was an American-born Indian whose philanthropist parents were cheated and killed by Jaidev.

No1 Business Man Movie In Hindi

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Ram Gopal Varma signed Suriya for a multilingual action film titled The Businessman in May 2010, to be directed by Puri Jagannadh simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. The film's protagonist was supposed to be a South Indian coming to Mumbai and setting up a crime business using tact and intelligence to emerge as one of the biggest gangsters.[5] The film's production was expected to begin in October 2010 once Suriya completed his part in 7aum Arivu (2011) and was scheduled for release in the summer of 2011.[5] Jagannadh stated in an interview that principal photography would begin in September 2010.[6] It was speculated that the film was to be based on the real-life story of a gangster who had moved from the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu to Mumbai in the late 1960s.[7]

Sify felt that the film was strictly for Babu's fans but praised Jagannadh's work saying that the "story sounds far fetched, demanding logic. The screenplay is a saving grace, which works like magic, making the audiences forget the monotony in between." The reviewer highlighted Mahesh's performance, the dialogues, and the songs as the film's stronger elements.[83] Ramchander of Oneindia Entertainment called Businessman a serious film with limited appeal, which might be enjoyed by Babu's fans but which would be an average for others.[84] B. V. S. Prakash of Deccan Chronicle gave the film 2 out of 5 stars and stated "Businessman is a typical Mahesh Babu film all the way, evoking laughs with comic one-liners and subtle expressions. However, his efforts could go in vain thanks to a contrived and highly exaggerated plot."[85] IndiaGlitz called Businessman a "Mahesh-Magnified film" and stated, "It is clear that the director throws all logic to the winds in the hope that Mahesh the Prince and a few cheeky one-liners will salvage the film. There is so much meaningless lecturing in the movie in the form of the demented arguments that our hero employs in many a scene."[86]

Jagannadh expressed interest in making a sequel of the film after the response to the original on its first day and planned to begin work on the same from late 2012.[95] Mahesh Babu too confirmed the same in late January 2012 during the scripting stage of the sequel titled Businessman 2.[96] It was planned as a bilingual film to be shot in Telugu and Hindi simultaneously.[92] Ram Gopal Varma also expressed interest after listening to the script and felt that the sequel would do much better business than the original.[97] However, Jagannadh shelved the sequel in early August 2012 and opted to direct Mahesh Babu in an original film.[98]

Whether you enjoy reading books, binge web series or like to watch movies, we've got you all covered! If you are a Movie person, go ahead and read this article to find the list of some amazing inspirational movies for entrepreneurs. A booklover can read this - Books by Top Entrepreneurs. Click here to get the List of Motivational Web-series for Entrepreneurs.

We have listed some of the best Bollywood and Hollywood business-related movies for entrepreneurs. Even if you aren't remotely associated with entrepreneurship, these movies will still benefit you with great insights and learnings. Have fun watching these Hindi & English business movies!

Bollywood is now churning out quality films every other day. The Bollywood Business movies in the list are some noteworthy attempts at making high-standard films that ooze out inspiration and motivation. Every film out there, be it Bollywood or Hollywood, has a thing or two to teach. Here is the list of Hindi movies related to business and entrepreneurship:

Guru is undoubtedly Abhishek Bachchan's most popular movie. The movie is a brilliant reflection of the life of the man who started the Reliance empire, Dhirubhai Ambani. Although the makers of the movie never openly claimed that the cinematic venture was Dhirubhai's story, the audience and critics who saw the film could scrutinize Dhirubhai Ambani's rise being portrayed on the silver screen.

Mani Ratnam's directorial ingenuity makes the movie appealing especially if you're an innovative soul seeking to start your own venture. You will get some insight into what entrepreneurship meant in the 1950s! Guru is one of the best Bollywood movies on business and a must-watch. The most important lesson it has for young entrepreneurs is self-confidence. Do what you want to and not what others want you to. Which is one of the key principles of any business. Being confident in your decisions and taking charge is what entrepreneurship is all about.

Baazaar didn't generate much buzz but it was warmly welcomed by the audience and the critics alike. Saif Ali Khan starrer Bazaar is based on how Dalal Street works and what happens behind the closed curtains. To add some masala, the director has included a fictitious storyline. Although the plot may seem to be predictable, aspiring entrepreneurs would still love this Bollywood movie since it shows what a businessman's life is all about.

Rocket Singh is based on a man (having the same name as the movie title) who is employed as a salesperson. He goes on to launch his own company in the same segment that too while doing his day job. Rocket Singh uses his employer's resources for setting up his own venture without letting his boss know about it. The movie had an excellent storyline and characterization which weren't utilized to the fullest. As a result, Rocket Singh didn't deliver the impact it was capable of. People starting their own ventures ought to watch this movie for some cues and tricks.

The Bipasha Basu starrer movie is the only movie that strongly depicts the negative traits of corporate life. Corporate, true to its name, ruminates on how the corporate industry works. You get to see the ethics and the culture of a workplace. The film provides insights into how huge industries function and what employees do to cope with professional issues.

3 Idiots is the perfect combination of inspiration, comedy, emotion, and last but not least, love. It is the story of 3 college friends with a varying outlook on education. 3 Idiots propagates the message of formal degrees and certificates not necessarily being a testament to one's knowledge. The movie compels the audience to think beyond the established norms in order to live a fulfilling life. An excellent movie that broke many box office records.

Though it may not promote startups or entrepreneurship directly, the movie shows why it's important to be familiar with the struggles of life. This movie projects the life of a rich kid, Sid. If not below average, he is okayish in his studies and is interested in only hanging around with friends. It is when he leaves his house due to some father-son arguments does he realize the challenges of a middle-class family.

Hindi Medium is about a self-made businessman struggling to get his daughter admitted to a reputed school. The institution demands the parents be literate. As a result, he decides to get her admitted through a quota reserved. The family shifts to a below-average place of living and quits the comforts it was used to. The movie simultaneously depicts the challenges faced by the poor and the rich. You will enjoy the subject and the humor depicted. Spoiler alert but the lesson is that education from a big school does not always result in success. Every entrepreneur will enjoy this Bollywood movie.

The film speaks volumes about illegal businesses and trades. The under-the-table transactions, the tussle for power, backstabbing, etc. are relevant to the corporate culture of today. Entrepreneurs could use this movie as a guide for identifying unethical practices and not go astray.

This Bollywood movie is a massive source of inspiration for many of us. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag goes beyond being a biography and teaches a few lessons on dealing with unforeseen hardships.

This movie first came in 1976 and it has a setting in rural India. The complications faced by the veterinary Dr. Rao in setting up a milk cooperative for the villagers which disturbs the socio-economic condition of the village are shown. The Hindi feature film becomes a great and earliest example of entrepreneurshipin India. Depictions of gender problems, caste discrimination, and lack of support are evident in this 1976's movie, Manthan starring Girish Karnad and Smitha Patil. 350c69d7ab